Misunderstood Often?

Do you often feel misunderstood by others? Are you quiet at most social functions afraid if what might actually come out of your mouth?Afraid that noone will get and you be made fun of or looked at differently..Do you believe that people in general strangers and not Do they receive you the way you do?

I pose this question really trying to figure out if I was the only one..I’m sure not. Why do we feel like we constantly have to prove something?..In my personal opinion we kind of owe it to ourselves and each other. When others don’t agree with us we honestly can’t help where we went wrong.. Unfortunately Not everyone will have the same mindset as us..To be in such a way over violence be good for one another and be there for each by being good for society..Not everyone thinks like you and some may not even care to.

All for them ones display acts and verbal notes because they feel like in this world all they have are themselves?….What a lonely world filled with paranoia.

A certain ethnicity or culture is no longer the thing that matters..It shouldn’t but oh how we are are judged and fast as a person by others and who we are simply based off sometimes ethnicity..Maybe even also known as racism.

So again I ask why do we feel like we always have to prove something?

Yes, Still, to ourselves and each other..How is that you personally could be so misunderstood? With already made up minds how could one change the hearts of others..and let ones know we’re safe?

First of All, I have no degree in counseling.

First, Don’t spend too much time on trying to please everyone anyhow. Believe and know that everyone is in fact not like you…In doing this you will disappoint yourself..

To your children who wish for you and lose of gain from your actions and the ones you let in. You go about by acting like GOD invented something great..not something messed up because he did..Like the flowers and the trees..you in his image there is no beauty like you.

You tell GOD Thank You with every day you wake and show appreciation some more by being the best good you can be over evil…Never be ashamed of your creative side..there’s noone like you anyway.

Be not misunderstood by your speech for it is what comes out of the mouth on how you can tell ones of your kind or not. The inside of you will come out. Be not misunderstood by your actions..Do no harm but take no crap ..

Do your best and work for what you desire and what you want so you don’t have to take and motivate others to do the same. Let love come forth more than hate.

Misunderstood Often?

Know and believe this much is true some will and will want to not even try to understand you and you know what they have that right.. Noone here on Earth has your salvation. And it is your ownself that will determine whether or not you walk through the pearly gates..Not Anyone Else..Just GOD and YOU.

Misunderstood Often?

Well being a friendly car jacker I’m sure is frowned upon as well. So don’t have a pretty face with ugly ill-willed intent either…In each one of us..each one of us lies that same fire that’s in me..That’s in Christ so who is anyone to tell you what you can’t do and because of this there is absolutely no reason for hate.. So you walk in that own it..For I am The flavor of the Earth. Everybody in Everything Else pray.. Misunderstood so was Jesus..Let it not fret or stop you..

Imperfection at its finest


Sitting Still With A Broken Heart

Sitting Still With A Broken Heart

So you’re not a couple anymore and for very good reasons. So here we are trying to get used to not having this person as our main go to for emotional pleasing.  Letting the relationship go. Coming to that you have to let the relationship go so that you can focus on YOU more… So you can be who you were destined to be… and that process hurts as well.  No-one else can fathom the pain that you feel in your heart. You can try and converse it but absolutely no one will feel the way you do. Talking it through and over with positive and inspiring peers is in fact helpful. I agree that we should. We will need others while going through this process and transition of “Starting Anew”…

However, Alone in your bed, at work in front of the computer even in the shower your broken heart can be some of the most antagonizing pain we have ever encountered it is a pain that can be physical felt.  It is a feeling that you cannot put into words in describing to others.  So in the midst of dealing with the regrets of letting my toxic relationships go.

First Of All, True Love will have you thinking you made a mistake in letting the relationship go.  You may be even tempted to send a text or email professing your love again.  Let me be the one to encourage you before you send it. I encourage you to think on why you had to let the relationship go to begin with…So what was it? Did he /she have an affair? Were they physically or emotionally abusive? Were they constantly putting you down? Did you not get back what you desired out of the relationship? Or are you just lonely… Think on if the relationship came back to life again… would you have the same issues in the next round of giving the relationship a try?.. Do you fully trust yourself with this person and their motives and actions even you are not around? If you cannot answer these questions without knowing 100% that this won’t be like it anymore… Let it fuel you some more to move on with your life. You can’t control another’s actions but you can control yours and what you allow brought by another.  

So you didn’t like what was happening in the relationship and you gave several tries but each just didn’t get any better so you painfully left the relationship.

So awhile Self-Care and attempting to heal…What do we do? We still hurt. We still cry and get sad our emotions fly high and low throughout your day. So how and when do we get over it? The truth is who knows when we will be completely healed, completely not heartbroken over this loss.  You taking out time for yourself and refocusing on your likes and dislikes.  During this time you may very well learn some more things about you.  It will be hard and not every day will be stars and sun. However, the drenching of energy mentally and physically.

A constant worrying about someone else’s actions or goals with you should and will bring about clarity and peace to your spirit.  You may become bored and lonely I encourage you to put that to the side as best you can in a healthy manner and apply it back into yourself. Going out into the world looking to feel better from experience will only bring about more issues and disappoint. For this much is true as well “If you not are happy with yourself how are you going to make anyone else happy.” Maybe not thought about enough within your own self.  So what do you do?

Sitting Still With A Broken Heart

I wrote this because it has been several times unfortunately I tried to find my healing in others.  This was a mistake and time and time again I relearned that my happiness wasn’t in other people.  Sitting Still With A Broken Heart. What do you do when there’s nothing to do? How do you get through a day of being in this relationship?  Truly no one has that answer but GOD and you and not even you fully know the steps to do it right.

Like any loss, Loss of a job, a loved one in death or loss of a long term relationship.  You pray and ask GOD for strength. Don’t go out into the world. They won’t have your answer either.

Sitting Still with a Broken Heart is about us doing just that “Sitting Still” realizing and accepting that not everything we want will work for us and if it doesn’t maybe GOD had a good reason for it.  We fought within ourselves for so long and the ending of the relationship it broke you before you realized that the Brokenness that you feel/felt was the true key to you being healed and anewed in mind body and spirit.

Sometimes The Good Lord himself wants our attention and so much so that he sometimes remove the very thing that seems to draw us more and has our attention more than he does. For he is indeed a jealous GOD.  He wants us in a place where he can work and speak to us and we have no choice but to hear him. It pains on how he does it sometimes and we don’t want to let go of the very substance so he puts in a place to where we have no choice but to surrender.  It is no one but him that will guide us and show us a brighter path.  You prayed and asked for help just get the kind that you were heartly hoping for. So there we are painfully back at the throne of mercy.

Sitting Still With A Broken Heart

You can’t do anything but pray and deal.  You can want the storm to be over all you want but until you grasp what it is that the Lord is trying to show you and tell you… The Storm won’t be over and all of its not to hurt you but to teach you.

Sitting Still With A Broken Heart

The realization of him not being physically next to me hurt me, depressed me and made me irritated with others.  That’s because I wanted him and nobody but him. He was the only thing that could calm me. Co-dependent strictly on him.  When I would lay next to him totally comfortable in mind and emotions.  Comfortable but unsure of his next move and motives for the day. His phone would ring and whoever it was immediately had his attention. What I later found out his approach to life and success in it…our energy didn’t match and his approach was much slower than mines for a better life.

So there I was in bed by myself knowing the relationship was over and I could do nothing but sit there and cry and pray…pray and pray I cried big tears over him and this relationship. Prayed for the pain to be over.

Sitting Still With A Broken Heart nothing but time and prayer will heal it.

I encourage you all not to carry around bitterness in your heart and spirit. Don’t carry bags around with you.

Remember in leaving letting this toxic relationship go. You won because you are still here and alive now focus on you and pleasing you. Your opportunity for you to create the life and truly have the relationship that you know you want and desire.  Re-channel your thoughts, Re-channel your energies. Now focus on pleasing you.   It Hurts. But you are worth it my dear even while

Sitting Still With A Broken Heart

Second Chances

As I sat amongst myself quietly at a friend’s home.  I c

Thought to myself what LOVE changed into? What it supposed?..Who gives it to us?..And now not very long after I thought about it I conveyed my mind over to her.. Who loves us?…GOD..I advised her that GOD is the one who has to have the maximum upmost love for us. Why?..How?..

Initially, His demise yet whilst we failed to realize him and treated him so poorly..Noone believed him..And feared him at the equal time. Noone believed in his passion for Christ because the others concept he changed into all speak and crazy..But knowing this will show up he prayed for us and died for us going thru all varieties of bodily ache and for folks that had no faith..No idea of what it turned into..But died and rose pronouncing thru him changed into the

way of life. Christ gives us free will presently and gives us the selection to follow him or no not. We as believers and maybe even greater so for the ones with out a care or perception at all.  He offers us Grace and Mercy in my view by waking us inside the morning. Already knowing whether we will follow him or now not yet giving us another day after us breaking his will for us.. Yet He gives us grace.. Another threat to go at existence a extraordinary manner giving us the final preference with Christ being the very best and most effective. Without his Blessing we aren’t even capable to do anything in the first place. 

Our author the giver of life and the very person who takes life without knowledge from each person right here on this planet.  SECOND CHANCES are given every day and there isn’t anything that we can physically do to make certain it.

So there she was again. The race had began and he or she had ran this race before but lost earlier than as well and he or she could not help but wonder if this time she would win.

She in the public naked in front of others some she knew however loads of them she did not and the stress she felt appiled from each sides. And she wanted to please however wasn’t a success in every race to now and again from dealing with her personal emotions. but at the back of closed doors even scarred was emotionally..And she couldn’t display this at the starting point with eyes on her she had to expose cognizance and readiness inspite of unwanted opposition that was to the left and right of her. Up against the them she had to expose strength. For those she loved and ones that certainly loved her were clearly rooting for her. So on every occasion the out of doors and she ones so she had to make proud on the equal time.

She went with the proper mind-set..She was prepared however knew that every time wasn’t an successful run.  So with next race she attempted to begin with a solution mindset.. Physically she felt strongly felt that there wasn’t anything she couldn’t do..All she needed to do become have the bodily electricity to get up and go.  However, mentally and emotionally had been her battles now not with anyone personally but her.

Others wouldn’t understand this..Each day She arose to live some another day. She felt passionate about her getting blessed with another day. She felt enthusiastic about getting blessed for another day.. Regardless of passed the day prior to this. Her being granted/blessed/desired so much that she become blessed with another morning was nothing short of humbling. In her opinion it became her Second Chance. Together with her being blessed with the ability to transport her arms and legs and her body and go toward some thing. Towards achievement..How dare she no longer utlize it. Her rising would be wasted if she did not get out there on the beginning line to get equipped to race. Although not successful in preceding races what stored her and why she she constantly had a chance she felt is because of the second one chance that was already granted to her with the brand new sun. After several losses maybe like with us all people she wondered why she wasn’t triumphing in this race. She thought what she should do to make sure it didn’t keep happening. So she commenced to drown out the noise and distractions round her. It wasn’t easy however she got more potent and better at it with each race. Her so called competitors she couldn’t focus too much on them.. For in doing so she would lose track of time and her ownself.  The eyes gave her anxiety and made her apprehensive. So she searching straight ahead..Not looking to her left or right..No longer searching at the group and paying attention to what she overheard.. However instantly ahead something like tunnel vision and even in the midst of some of these humans watching her… Mentally she got lost releasing every notion each emotion and just ran. Instead of winning she came in 2nd place a lot closer than her previous run. And she became very proud and so were the ones who loved her.  

I take this and use it on this century and this time. I feel inside the same fashion it is us going about every day. It’s this race referred to as life. And every time we depart our home for anything in my opinion we step out setting ourselves and on the front line. No longer can we win the day past losses and they are nonetheless with us when we rise up.

Instead of wearing worry. I inspire you to step out anyway. Have no fear about the next support them by helping them up and then get back to YOU.

Ecclesiastes 9:11 King James Version (KJV)

11 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Somewhere in the country there is someone hard at work, blackened, sweating, and making a difference.  Sweat and Gloves are on him proving his protection and care for his ownself and his sweat represents hard work.  His energy.   Go with me real quick imagine there is a small barn near by. There is an gentleman and he works at the barn welding.  The male worker works there in the late afternoon and sometimes stays over through the night.  There is also another house nearby and a single woman lives there however this woman and the man who works at the barn don’t know each other. The guy who works at the barn never went over to introduce his self o the lady unsure and afraid what would happen if he did ever go to the  door. Never wanted an inside sight to the place. He didn’t introduce himself but noticed her and said he would keep his eyes on her from afar just to make sure that she was ok.

However, To let her know that she wasn’t alone but he came in peace he would leave behind bread, eggs, and milk in a basket every week..no note..nothing else.

She was there to get away from the city life for a moment for peace. She owned this house and she was there to find peace with herself.  At night is when she remembered the most what she had been through in life of loving and losing. She could over hear not disruptive enough to keep her from sleep or sleep breaking but small sweet comfortable notes of the activity going on in the little barn near her home.  Awhile and alone at night she figured he was welding or building something she didn’t know what it was but she would often hear its binging…Surely he’s building or fixing on something she thought to herself.  Every bang was a knife sharpening, a piece of metal getting stronger by being abused but surviving over the same processes.

Iron Sharpens Iron

They say “It takes one to know one”  So how would I personally be able to speak so well to write to you with an heart to encourage you.  How could anyone give any kind of advice or encouragement to anyone that’s never been through anything?  How can you speak on mending a broken heart if yours has never truly been broken.

Iron Shapens Iron

Although abused itself it goes up against another object in attempt to make the other stronger.  Strong just like it and amazingly it works. It just takes a couple hard bangs but it is successful.  The metal piece having no brain..no emotions..no knowledge itself of the process or why its going through so much. This object not knowing that once the creator was done with it..The creator would come along and make it beautiful and its worth much more  higher than originally. Worth Immeasurable when the creator is done..so much that the earthly dollar bill wouldn’t and shouldn’t be a factor either.  A good investor , a buyer, a good person would come along and ask the creator for it and this buyer would take care and cherish this object forever.

She would over hear this deep binging nightly ..in personality she was she deep and she her own self thought of her every night. She went deeper with those bangs that she would hear and thought of herself again and she felt as though every strike of abuse and misuse that was bestowed upon her. Those bangs represented how all of it taught her a lesson and she was being rebuilt..reborn and made stronger with each one.

Iron Sharpens Iron

How? Could I not apply this to the Lord. Him being the Iron to sharpen me here on this Earth.  Could he be the one supplying the bread, milk and eggs every so often but right when I needed it.  That one from afar but close enough to make sure that I am not physically harmed. Would I be wrong in thinking that he would be there person over there working making me stronger.  Every bang making me more beautiful and stronger. Designed that way nothing making me break completely but so hard that it teaches me a lesson..making me beautiful yet formatted for the purpose that I was intended for.  It worked because I finally allowed it to and really I had no choice anyhow. In The End she painfully painfully recognized that her surrendering to what made more sense and what would stick with her.

Iron Sharpens Iron  because her and that piece of metal were one in the same. So she finally thought for herself.

Iron Sharpens Iron

Because one day she would be not just made whole but strong and beautiful some more..not physically but spiritually and in who she was by The Creator.

The manufacturer maybe would send someone along to purchase and cherish his finished works.

Making its sharpening and the abuse that it went through not in vain

Iron Sharpens Iron

Emotions Associated with Confidence 2017

What Emotions Do You Feel Associate With Confidence?

Confidence is an emotion.

It first starts with the mind. Our mind frequently fuels our emotions and Confidence is a constant way of thinking regarding your goals and life. Confidence is a true spirit of never giving up. Confidence is in regards to your very own skills abilities and experience..It is not arrogant. Confidence is not insulting.

Confidence doesn’t make others feel smaller. And your Confidence doesn’t allow you to view others negatively but instead it is a Strong yet comfortable frame of mind to want to experience more and being comfortable in your own skills and abilities and going forward with a eager beating heart of I can and will do to succeed.

A can-do positive type of attitude to want to conquer the world. Or your world personally.

Joy is an emotion associated with confidence as well and in having Confidence things surrounding you may not always be as you prefer. But Confidence in the midst of it is how your life and  things surrounding you that may attempt to negatively alter your mind.

Learning, Reading and Researching it is the start the very start to achieving and accomplishing and successes thereafter and after full completion Confidence within you is built up some more. There will be times where self (The Flesh) gets weak situations over and over can physically, mentally and emotionally can be draining.  And if there is no confidence or wanting to achieve then hopelessness will try to manifest within you. You must not let it consume you. Although the times in the current and not wanting to repeat the past will attempt to paralyze you with possible fear and definite procrastination. All of it is uncomfortable and undesired. It wont and it doesn’t have to last long.

For Example,

Isaiah 40: 25-31 says:
But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and not faint. Bible Scripture Yes but unless you have the Joy and the want to associated with confidence not even the words of our Most High will not fully manifest within you. You must believe.
It feels good like going to work doing what is required if you and your duties were performed to the best of your ability based off of what you learned and internally developed and delivering at your best the promises you made to your job Then clocking out and going home feeling good and positive in regards to the work that you performed for your employer.. It is the same with you just in regards to you and where you want to be.
Confidence is a great feeling of  daily enlightenment of positivity, a constant joy, a positive staggering emotion within you of wanting to do more.

Even in uncomfortabilities it is always there. Despite everything around you

Confidence shows up wherever you go and says “Yes I Can”

And You Can!!

I Can Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me
Philippians 4:13

Be Blessed and Confident.

Thank You

Her problem

Her problem is that she lived in a  world where only people pretending to care about her…time and time again she placed her own self around things that really are no good for her and she knew that but others seemed to grow impatient…She couldnt focused on them and she knew that and they stilll didnt matter and she knew that as well..


Her dilemma was getting over own self..Her feeling like she had noone else to talk to…Noone but God and that wasnt enough for her it seemed…


So why..How and how would she get over..not even she had the answer…all she knew was to get up and try o prove her and everyone else wrong…mainly her…


See its not what you do but how you carry these things out..But she has ones paying attention to her her as well and  that scared her but flattered her at the same time


My name is Tiffany Garrett and everry story and the story that she will print  and tell was her own and noone elses and she knew that too

Blind In Love

It is a saying that The blind can’t lead the blind…makes sense because neither one really can physically be able to show and prove where the other should go and which direction to take…How cold one point and give direction to the other.

In loving would I need to be employed and have a house to do so?…Would I need these things in order to prove to someone that I am worthy of being loved?..How could he love her when he himself doesn’t even have all of himself together?…He has so much to do in his own life so he couldn’t possibly love and want her truly…Is he crazy?…Yet Jesus died for us while there was so many who didn’t know him and saw him..heard him and still doubted him and they didn’t even believe Jesus at first..yet even in this he still endured much suffering and died for the people that even didn’t believe him or in what he was teaching and still died not knowing if people would surrender to God’s way..so that we may have life and grace that follows....His Love For nothing?

To Love…A constant choice to do so..A feeling that one cannot help…The Bride and Groom has no idea what the future holds for either one of them or their household..but marry Blindly out of Love..

Blindness only as handicap as I tell myself I am..I cannot carry out anything as long as I tell myself that cannot..

We should be careful on whom we follow..and Love will have you walk on anyhow..

It is your choice your decision on how blind you choose to be..

Maybe one-day you will know that the water is hot without seeing the water boiling..

Tiffany Garrett


Guilty By Association

Imagine four students in a circle outside in the back of their school..Each one of the students has a glass of ice water. Each person takes a sip of the glass of water at their own pace. If another person was to come amongest them..started to walk towards them and got close in distance and saw the four kids in a circle….What would this new person think of them?…Would the stranger automatically assume that they were the same…Would the stranger think that they know each other because they are in the circle together and each of them holds of a glass of water?….If they aren’t the same what makes them different?….Would it be their personality and mindset?…How would you find out what makes them different?…Would it be by verbal communication with one or each of them…How would the stranger start the conversation to find out…

It would be easy for an outsider..this stranger to conclude that they must know each other and are awaiting the same thing or going through the same situation.. because they’re all conjoined in a circle or grouping.. So they must be together…

The ignorant would come to whatever conclusion that they see fit.. Whatever the quickest reason so that they can hurry up and tell themselves their right and quickly dismiss with their own thoughts. Wrong in their conclusion but quick in deciding…For Example, One homeless man under a bridge his story may very well differ from the next homeless man on the street corners story he lost his job.But a random typical person would assume these two guys are both heavily on drugs and aren’t working because they don’t want to…Two individuals same homeless signage but two different reasons and different history.. how do you really know?.. Who are we to judge then tell ourselves that we are correct in our thinking?..

I personally know what this is like as well..I have been one if the four with the glass of water that people assumed that we knew each other and our situations ways of thinking matched…so we gotta know each other..we have to be the same…

Just because she’s there doesn’t mean that she is like the rest..

GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION.. because our actions and our behaviors match so we got to be together…we both must be going the same direction because we are sitting next to each and doing the same thing…

I feel as though that no matter where we physically are our Mindsets and Personality is what separates us..Two black males wouldn’t have the same way of thinking just because they are both black or black and the same age even..so that being fact..Would they think the same?..No…It would be each individuals and their own personal Mindset and Personality that would seperate them apart…

Faith can’t be even utilized properly lest your mind and attitude carries an ongoing mindset to do so.

GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION…because our laughs match… However we are indeed each our own person..

I encourage and wish to live in a world where we as people instead of judging and assuming their situation is what they want..To find out what makes them unique and not to toss them in a do away with bucket so quickly..

This is real to me recently overcoming and leaving the household I had no choice to be at other than being on the street..and just because I sat amongest and partook in substances and conversation.. I was thought of being the same and NO I was just waiting on them to finish my apartment so I could move into it…whereas the other 3 people was there because they were comfortable and wanted nothing else but a high and quick come up so that they could get what they wanted some more.. they had no other choice there but to there for years…So just because you saw me in a circle doesn’t mean we all share common goals and morals at all…It means that I’m physically there and THAT IS ALL..It doesn’t mean I’m seeking life advice..we are near each other but our reasons destiny and personality are very different..

My mindset and personality my actions is what differs from me from the lady sitting next to me..Not this circle group I’m in…not these people that you see me physically around..But MY Mindset MY own Personality that defines me

For I am different…and I am GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION



People Can Be So Cruel


Seriously honestly I’ve never been jealous of a single person…No I mean that so seriously..If I was I was probably intoxicated and didn’t notice…Even thru grade school was never part of a big crowd..and didn’t have much to say to others..No tension or madness in me but I never searched or thought my validation lied on others..Yet still picked on and it would bother me that others I didn’t even know would join in attempting to make me me feel horrible…Always thought of it as insecure..

Sadly in my very adult life not much has changed…we have very grown adults still acting and pointing and laughing as if we are in High School… People have talked about me and will til Im taken off from here…

In their poor words I wondered if they thought that I wanted to be them…OR am I supposed to change who I am for their acceptance of me…And yeah they had more than I materialistic wise but even at my lowest I didn’t desire to be anything like them I didn’t get all big eyed when they came around…but I was the one with less…..Overheard the words sometimes and I knew the lil cowards was speaking on me…Funny how it was never directly to me….And I’m not out here bashing anyone..So why is it being done to me?…For someone who has less than them very much like I felt like a celebrity…how could I not…

People speak poorly on others to either build themselves up or to intentionally hurt another to accomplish what I wonder?… Nothing..Words hurt they have the power to have one feel low or high about themselves..and it hurts..it is bothersome..But how dare me change ME to be accepting in another’s view..

My walk..My talk..my words..show their thoughts and poor speaking on me has had no effect..and I think it’s more on what “I” feel like vs someone else’s other opinion of me.

.What I think of me has way more weight on the inside me than to believe cruelty and uninspiring things about me from another..

You show up and show out as much as you can..Never give up on you…You are a trackstar…A Star…yet some are rooting for you and some of the loudness you hear are ppl that aren’t rooting for you….Run on Anyhow.

Stupid people call people Stupid and Ugly people call people Ugly…The ones talking have NO room..

She goes about her day… worried NOT

Tiffany Garrett


Knowing Better vs Doing Better (The Struggle)

In this life we will all experience trial, tribulations and adversity. However, the lesson is supposed to teach you..You are ti gain knowledge and learn. W

Equipping you with knowing what to do in the future. As a child we learn the do’s and dont’s. What brings happiness and comfort and what doesn’t…In a lot of situations we know very well what we should be doing..However, we procrastinate and rebel in the actual actions of doing better.

The Struggle in it is we do what feels good…whatever will bring quick relief..such as Instant Gratification we are always on the prowl for Instant Gratification..From the lessons taught to us by our elders and parents in the home as a child..We know better than a lot things and have been discplined on the past for behaving as if we didn’t know the outcome…Our struggle lives in us..Our Ego will tell us that we are grown abd we can do what we want..which may be very true but I encourage you to take a look at your very own life….How sastified are you with your personal life? And if you’re not sastified with your life..What could you do to make it better?…And if you already know then Why hasnt it been done yet…What’s in the way?

Knowing Better and Doing Better is a process too..One that can be overnight or take years maybe for you finally realize and put for action…but the “when” lies inside of you…YOU not someone else, Not in a substance, not in alcohol but in YOU.

There is a saying that You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink..Doing Better comes from being tired of failing..settling and being hungry. A spirit of surrendering to what makes sense and to live and carryout actions that will result to you having peace, happiness and total satisfaction to us. Doing better comes from knowing what we should be doing and letting our actions and behavior bring it forth. Rebel and use the example of you being grown all you want…your grown tail reap consequences of your decision.

I talk to you while talking to me STOP hurting yourself and spinning your wheels.

Pray and simply Know and DO BETTER